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Employee Health and Fitness Day

Employee Health and Fitness Day is Wednesday, May 19th, 2021!

Wednesday, May 19th is recognized as National Employee Health & Fitness Day. For many years, the Healthy Sheboygan County committee has challenged local businesses with a county wide challenge to encourage participation in physical activity on this day. As many businesses continue to face challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, health and wellness messaging is on the forefront of our community’s needs.

The Healthy Sheboygan County committee will again host a competition in 2021 continuing with current Public Health COVID-19 pandemic safety guidelines in place. The Sheboygan Well County Task Force has adapted and will provide businesses with an employee fitness challenge that is similar to years in the past. Please see below for additional information regarding the event and to register. 



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What is it?

National Employee Health and Fitness Day (NEHFD), is a national observance celebrated the third (3rd) Wednesday in May, and was created to promote the benefits of physical activity for individuals through their work site health promotion activities. It is a day to raise awareness about the physical and fiscal benefits of establishing and maintaining healthy habits at work.

 The 2021 winning businesses include:

Company Size

Unpaid Time

Paid Time

Small (< 50)
Horizon Systems and Services
Community Care Inc. 
Medium (51-250)
Sheboygan County YMCA 
Plymouth Foam
Large (251-499)
City of Sheboygan 
Curt G Joa
Jumbo (500-999)
Sheboygan County
Sartori Cheese
Mega (1,000+)
Sheboygan Area School District