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Heroin Subcommittee

  The Heroin Subcommittee's goal is to reduce the use and abuse of heroin in Sheboygan County by December 31, 2017.  Success will be demonstrated by a decrease in (1)the incidence of heroin and other opioid related arrests, (2) emergency department visits related to heroin use and other opioid abuse and (3) overdoses from heroin and other opioids leading to death.


Co-Chairs: Kurt Zempel, Sergeant with Sheboygan County MEG Unit Kurt.Zempel@sheboyganwi.gov
                    Libby Holte, Public Health Educator with Sheboygan County Division of Public Health Elizabeth.holte@sheboygancounty.com

Meetings: The Heroin Subcommittee meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 3-4:30pm at Health and Human Services in Room 372. At these meetings, the pillar groups give updates as to what they are doing and we strategize as a larger group on how we can move more of these initiatives forward.

Structure: The Heroin subcommittee is broken down into 5 pillars that model from the State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse. To learn more about the five pillars, you can find the SCOADA report here: https://scaoda.wisconsin.gov/scfiles/docs/SCAODAHeroinReportFinal063014.pdf

Below is a summary of the strategies that each pillar is working on:


Harm Reduction


Law Enforcement


Strategies and interventions that help prevent harmful use of   alcohol, marijuana & tobacco.

To reduce harm to individuals and communities from the sale   and use of both legal and illegal substances.

Range of interventions and support programs that encourage   people with addiction problems to make healthier decisions about their lives.

Reduce the availability of illicit drugs including tracking the   sales of drugs throughout the County and monitor individuals on correctional   supervision.

Establish clear drug, alcohol & tobacco policies that   include drug testing, consequences for drug use on the job, education &   prevention efforts, and Recovery support.


As far as the pillar meetings—those groups do not have “set” meeting times. They meet as necessary to accomplish their goals. If you are interested in becoming involved with any of the pillars, below are the pillar captains and their contact information:                

                Prevention Pillar: Sue Thiel   suzan.thiel@sheboygancounty.com

                Workplace Pillar: Jenny Lawrence Jenny.Lawrence@sheboyganwi.gov

                Treatment Pillar: Lindsay Rick  Lindsay.rick@sheboygancounty.com

                Harm Reduction Pillar: Mary Paluchniak Mary.Paluchniak@hshs.org

                Law Enforcement Pillar: Kurt Zempel Kurt.Zempel@sheboyganwi.gov