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Priority Work Plan


To create an environment that promotes physical activity and healthy nutrition options in Sheboygan County.



Increase Initiation and Duration Rates of Breastfeeding.

Increase Access To and Consumption of Nutrient-Dense/Healthy Foods.

Ensure That Everyone Experiences Food Security in Sheboygan County.

All Community Members Have Access to Safe, Free Physical Activity.

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Objective #1 -  Promote overall health and nutrition from the start of life by increased initiation and duration rates of breastfeeding.

  • Strategy
    • Increase utilization of community support services early in pregnancy and after discharge
    • Support breastfeeding in community and workplace settings
  • Action
    • Continue with partnerships between WIC, Prevea and Aurora HealthCare’s breastfeeding teams
    • Continue to support breastfeeding classes (Aurora/Prevea prenatal and breastfeeding classes; Hug your Baby Breastfeeding classes)
    • Establish potential partners that could adopt the Ten Steps to Breastfeeding - Friendly Toolkit
    • Explore how to support working mothers through hands-free expression (

Objective #2 - Support healthy eating habits by increasing access to and consumption of nutrient-dense/healthy foods

  • Stragegy
    • Increase fruit and vegetable intake among specific populations
    • (low-income, seniors, pregnant women, parents of young children, preschool and school-aged children)
    • Provide evidence-based, learner-centered nutrition education programs 
    • (2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, new Nutrition Facts label, new MyPlate resources)
    • Explore ways to improve nutrition policy in community, school and workplace settings.
  • Action
    • Continue support for Double your Bucks at the Farmers’ Market
    • Explore programs that provide fresh produce year-round 
    • (Hydroponic Flex Farm
    • Explore Harvest of the Month program beyond schools and afterschool settings
    • Continue Discover MyPlate in Kindergarten classroom settings
    • Continue offering nutrition education at food distribution sites (farmers market, grocery store)
    • Assess nutrition policies and practices at early childcare and/or school district sites to determine potential changes/improvements.

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Objective #3 - Ensure that everyone experiences food security in Sheboygan County

  • Strategy
    • Increase coordination and promotion of services for low-income community members experiencing food insecurity to improve access to other services
    • Increase the utilization of healthy donated foods
  • Action
    • Explore continuation of Produce for Pantries program
    • Improve communication between service providers of food insecure community members.
    • Explore ways to better assess food security among service providers of food insecure community members
    • Explore implementation of healthy meal kit donations at food distribution sites such as the farmer’s market 
    • Explore educational strategies on how to use donated fresh produce (reference: Produce for Pantries and Hydroponic Flex Farm)

Objective #4 - All Community Members Have Access to Safe, Free Physical Activity

  • Strategy
    • Promote Place Based Physical Activity
    • Assess Community Level Resources/Walkability
  • Action
    • Develop HSC Free Physical Activity Guide 
    • Create a community wide Scavenger Hunt - Completed Fall 2022