Recharge during the summer

In today’s world we are constantly making sure all of our tech devices are charged and ready to go on demand. But what about ourselves and family members?

The human body needs “recharging” as much or more than all of the portable deviceswehavegrown to depend on. Research is abundant that illustrates the value of physical activity, good nutrition and proper sleep patterns. Yet, as we hurry through daily routines, one or all of these vital components is often unattended.

You are encouraged to use summer to “recharge” as a family. Take time to go outside, be creative, make somenoiseandhavefunas a family. In the words of the “Fish” philosophy — play, be there, choose your attitude, make their day.

Suggestions to help “recharge” include making a family adventure; going for a walk that includes sunscreen, hats, water and a snack; bike together with helmets on after a quick bike check; visit a lake or pool and get wet while using life vests. Around the House you can jog around for time or laps, being sure to check your pulse before and after; slide down and back in the driveway facing left and right; sidewalk chalk some designs and hop around; toss and catch, counting and spelling the whole time; move to some music that starts and stops and strike a silly pose; create a backyard obstacle course to move over, under and around; save empty milk jugs and use them to play a game; on a rainy day watch TV and get up and move during commercials; try a new food, remembering to concentrate on fruits and veggies.

In the community you can go to a neighborhood park or Bookworm Gardens and play; visit a museum, library or fire station on a rainy day; create a big adventure; take a trip to a national park, being suretostopfrequentlyand move. Use summer to “recharge” — eat well, move more and get enough sleep. Find the book “Rechargeables” by Tom Rath, read it as a family and create your own moving adventures to help promote healthy active lifestyles.

Kris Fritz is a nationally- recognized physical educator currently teaching at the Early Learning Center. She is a member of the Healthy Sheboygan County 2020 Activity and Nutrition Coalition.