Safety important to remember at the county fair

With the summer winding down many Sheboygan County residents’ favorite event is coming: the Sheboygan County Fair. It is important to remember safety for not only yourself, but also your loved ones at events like this. It is easy to get caught up in the fair atmosphere and forget about obvious safety tips. Some important places safety needs to be remembered are with children, on the amusement rides, and around the animals.

The fair is a great place for children. But, make sure to talk to them about being safe before going. While at the fair, adults and caregivers need to remember to keep a close eye on children. Get- ting separated in a large crowd is easy, especially when looking at all there is to see at the fair. When you arrive, it is a good idea to pick a spot to meet if you were to be separated. Talk to the chil- dren about making sure they stay in one spot once they realize they have been separated and, if you have picked a spot, that they know where and what it is.

Going on the amusement rides at the fair can be very exciting for people of all ages. No matter what your age make sure you remember safety. Make sure to read all the posted rules and instructions before going on. It is not a bad idea to watch the ride while in motion before going on to make sure you understand what will happen.

Always obey the height, weight and age restrictions. Sneaking someone on who does not meet the requirements is very dangerous and can result in serious injury.

Visiting the animals is a must at the fair. The animal exhibits are also a very important area to keep safety in mind. Good hand-washing hygiene is a must around animals. There are several hand-washing stations available near the barns. Wash your hands both before and after being around animals even if you are not touching them.

Do not bring beverages or food into the animal exhibits. If you are with young children around the animals, make sure that they do not get too close to the animals and do not stick their fin- gers, feet, or anything else in cages. That could not only be harmful to them, but also the animals.

These safety tips should not only be remembered at the Sheboygan County Fair, but all fairs, carnivals and other summer festivals. The Sheboygan County Fair is a great place for family or friend to gather. There is so much to see and do. Make sure to not get caught up in all that is going on and forget safety though. If you plan ahead staying safe at the fair will be a breeze. Enjoy the fair!


—Mariah Shaver is an AHEC Intern at Sheboygan County Division of Public Health.